DesArts is a new communication center and platform for artistic performance empowerment.

   Designed to begin in August 2006, DESARTS will be an open vehicle for the arts in Copenhagen.

   Focus will be on a wide net of performance disciplines here and (as a cultural exchange facilitator) in the Baltic Countries and other parts of Scandinavia and Europe.

   On a more immediate scale, it’s DESARTS, every last Friday of the month, starting from August. Each time in a different space, with room for your easy participation. You are empowered to design & present your own events.

Come with an idea, we provide the space.


   One of the main ideas is that basic communication will be provided through the DesArts webpage, that there be projects development between artists, chat page, "whats happening", and possibly even a forum for work offers  or "job wanted".


   After many wonderful evenings of 7 magical years of the Copenhagen Art Club, and an exciting chain of command, we have reached that fork in the performance cycle, an artistic crossroads that maps out a new direction of  back2basics, a fat-free circulating performance vehicle designed for the simple needs of the times.

   Behind this concept are the persons who have been bringing us the Copenhagen Art Club.

   We believe that the time is ripe for a DESARTS.


   Experience has taught us that it is important to keep simplifying this process whereby we place art and entertainment on a stage without having the effort weigh us down.

   But the important thing is, from now on, there is no longer a fixed stage.

   You, the artist, performer and member will be able to yourself book what you intend to do, and DESARTS will provide the space.

And that opportunity itself is simple. To become a “member” it is enough to know (and use as reference) one other person who is a member of DESARTS.


In fact, you are DESARTS.